Voultar releases SSDS3 Video Fix

Voultar has just released the design files for the SSDS3’s video fix for free.  They can be downloaded from the following link here and Mobius Strip Tech will offer them for sale soon:

It’s recommended that anyone using RGB output from their SSDS3 applies this, as FireBrandX’s audio fix to repair the broken SSDS3 board.  Unfortunately, TerraOnion, the company that manufactures the device refuses to fix the flaws themselves, citing “quality can’t be measured” as their reason for not fixing.

Please remember that if you’re interested in purchasing an SSDS3, it’s much safer to buy it from a trusted reseller such as Stone Age Gamer, rather than from TerraOnion directly, as their history of theft, harassment and exposing customer information (seriously!) makes them the number one company in the retro-gaming scene to stay away from.  

This is a device I want to love, but the high price and company’s consistent disrespect towards their customers make it a solid no for me.


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