VirtualBoy ROM Cart Announced!!!

Kevin Mellott has just announced the MultiBoy 32:  A MicroSD-based ROM/Flash cart!  Yes, that’s right, no single loading or configuration, just dump your VB roms and start playing!!!  Features include:

  • Flash space: 32 slots of 32Mbit RAM via a 1Gbit Flash.
  • RAM space: 256k x 16 SRAM space (8k x 16 per slot) using MRAM (no battery needed).
  • Full 16bit SRAM bus instead of the production 8bit width.
  • On board 32bit microcontroller (MCU) for programming slots.
  • USB input for interfacing and control.
  • Games loaded via SD card slot.
  • On screen game selection themed around Kevin’s 8bit VB character Do-Do.
  • Arduino compatible MCU (custom firmware development if you’re so inclined).

Kevin has a stretch goal of using the cart’s USB port as a link cable for 2-player head-to-head (get it ;p) gaming!  This is an interesting feature, as I don’t believe any original game supported 2-player mode, so you’d need a flash cart anyway to access this feature.  I’m certainly looking forward to playing Mario Tennis and Hyper Fighting in 2-player mode!

Final pricing will be affected by how many people order, but could be around $150.  If you’d like to get on the sale list, please email and let Kevin know how many you’d be interested in!  Delivery is expected around summertime.

More information:

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