Time Sleuth Pre-Orders are FINALLY Re-Opened!!!

After years of a global part shortage preventing its return, the Time Sleuth lag testing device is now finally back up for pre-order at CastleMania Games! This device is an absolutely essential tool for anyone concerned with display latency and the videos above and below contain all the info you’d need about it!  The price is $120 plus shipping and they’re due to arrive at customers before the end of March:

Pre-Order here:
Main Page:

A personal note from me (Bob):  When the TS was first released, there was overwhelmingly positive feedback from developers, creators and even general gaming enthusiasts from all generations.  While that wasn’t surprising at all, what did surprise me was the amount of follow-up comments!  I lost count of how many times someone would say something like “why would I pay over $100 to test a display once – I’d never need to test it again”!!…

…and then a few months later that same person would comment/dm/whatever to apologize.  And it was almost always the same follow-up:  “I had no idea how much I’d use this thing, until after I tried it!”.  It kinda reminds me of those dumb windshield stickers “It’s a Jeep thing…you would’t understand”.  Unless you own one, you might not get it.

I still don’t like Jeep’s though…

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