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The SD2SNES PRO Was Just Announced by Krikzz

The most powerful SNES flash cart is getting a “PRO” model via a hardware update soon according to Krikzz via Twitter.  Possible new features may include the following:

  • Super Gameboy support.
  • Fully functional save states included with audio chips state.
  • Turbo mode for SFX.

The new hardware is currently is in WIP status and Krikzz is waiting on status updates from ikari_01. A thread has been created in the everdrive forum, but it’s pretty barren at the time of this post. Pricing has not been announced, perhaps because the feature set has yet to be finalized.

Update: SD2SNES PRO retail cost will be same, by the way. – Krikzz

The price for the current model at this time is $197.00 USD.



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