The Making Of Goldeneye

Wrestling With Gaming has just released a new documentary chronicling the legendary N64 game Goldeneye.  The video dug into the making of the game, as well as the team involved.  There’s a bunch of cool behind-the-scenes tidbits, but my favorite was definitely the story about when the multiplayer mode was implemented.

Also the visuals in this documentary were excellent and created by multiple methods:

  • Much of the game footage was actually recorded using the 1964 Goldeneye emulator, that renders the original game in a higher resolution, at 60fps!
  • Some of the gameplay footage was from a Goldeneye centric channel called Graslu00, using the same emulator.
  • The “sweeping” shots that made Yahel look like he was “inside” the Goldeneye game were made in Cinema 4D and Blender.
  • As mentioned in the video, some of the last footage shown was from the “found”, unreleased Xbox version of the game.

Overall, it’s another great WWG documentary and a must-watch for all Goldeneye fans.  Truthfully, it was never one of my favorite games, but both the story and the visuals made this really enjoyable.  Heck, I suggest watching it, just to see the potential for how N64 games might be able to look if Nintendo ever took the time to do a real modern port, as opposed to just cash grab emulation compilations…

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