Capture Card Testing with the OSSC and MiSTer

Recently, SmokeMonster published an article detailing how to achieve 5x and 6x mode with MiSTer, and with the use of a Datapath Vision E1/E1S Capture Card, being able to record or stream lagless gameplay. But with the fact it’s aging hardware and the Amazon price is roughly $880, I wanted to look for other options. […]


OBS Uncompressed RGB Captures

The recently launched Video Capture section of this website provided the root knowledge necessary to get high-quality, uncompressed captures of game consoles, in their original resolution.  That was just the beginning though and I’ll continue to add pages that help push the boundaries of capture even further. Today I posted the first of those additions, […]


Video Capture & Scaling Section / Video and Open Source Hardware Released

I’m very proud to announce the launch of a new “video capture” section on this website.  I’ve held off on adding any capture information until now, as I’ve spent years of trial and error trying to find a reliable method.  Finally, thanks to the help of many video experts, professional streamers and some fancy math from […]


RetroTINK2x + Magewell XI400DE-HDMI = fast 240p/480i Switching

Dark Aries has just discovered the combination of a Magewell XI400DE-HDMI capture card and a RetroTINK2X is currently the fastest way to switch between 240p and 480i resolutions.  At over $900 for the Magewell card, this solution is clearly geared towards professional Twitch streamers, however data like this is extremely important to archive;  These capture cards […]