St1ka Interview with 3D NES Emulator Creator

St1ka has just posted an interview with the creator of 3dSen, an 8-bit NES emulator that “re-writes” the games in 3D as they’re being played.  The interview is filled with demos of the emulator, so you can see examples of the emulator in action as you listen!

As usual, St1ka does an awesome job breaking down a language barrier and providing a short, but detailed interview that describes how the emulator is able to accomplish the incredible things it does.  Also, the creator said he’d eventually open source the tools so the community can create their own game profiles, as well as look into other 8-bit consoles.  Personally, I think this would be a really cool way to experience certain original Game Boy games and I’m interested to see how far the project goes.

A version of 3dSen will be available on Steam June 19th and will launch with compatibility for over 70 NES games!  An early access version is available both for use on PC’s and with VR platforms:

3dSen Main Page:
3dSen Steam:

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