Sony CRT & Rear Projection Factory Tour

The Computer History Archives Project (CHAP) recently posted two more awesome Sony promotional videos.  The one above shows the manufacturing process for Trinitron CRT’s.  It also describes the difference between curved and flat glass CRT’s…and even shows that manufacturing process as well!  And the previous video (below) showed the manufacturing of CRT-based rear-projection screen TV’s.  The videos aren’t very long and a great look into CRT technology, so I highly recommend checking them out!

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The curved screen Trinitrons with a black case are some of my favorites ever made and it was really fun to see the factory.  Also, while I was never a fan of how CRT projection TV’s looked, the technology behind them was pretty cool!  The image was drawn by three small CRT’s mounted on the bottom – one red, green and blue.  They all projected the image on the back of the plastic front screen and were calibrated to all “draw” the same thing.  This is exactly how CRT projectors worked as well and why they’re both so heavy…all that glass on the tubes adds up!!!

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