Sega Saturn Model 2 Clear Cases Available For Pre-Order

UPDATE:  Second seller added below.

Game-Tech has just opened pre-orders on a clear replacement case for Model 2 Sega Saturn’s.  The price is $100 plus shipping and can be ordered here:

Pre-orders will remain open until October 3rd.  After that, the order will be placed to cover all pre-orders, so everyone who orders will receive one (no word on shipping times, but expect within a few months).  Also, the first batch will be “clear white” only, as shown in the picture above, however there will be at least one more color available before pre-orders end (possible the same color as shown below).  Unfortunately, there’s no word on if or when Model 1 clear cases will be available.

Game-Tech has also opened pre-orders on clear Dreamcast shells as well, ranging from $70 – $115 depending on options.  These cases have been sold before elsewhere, but it’s great to see Game-Tech offering them as well:

UPDATE:  I guess the creator is now working with multiple distributors, as it looks like Muramasa is also offering these for sale.  When I created this post, I’d only known about Game-Tech, but here’s the second link:

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