Sega Nomad Replacement LCD Mount

The Sega Nomad is a handheld Sega Genesis/Megadrive that was made by Sega, a ground breaking device that brought the home console on the go many years before the Switch. These systems were impressive for their time sporting a full color screen and backlight.

They do however suffer from a screen that has poor response to motion and many screens have gone out completely. The Nomad does have another thing up its sleeve, a dedicated video out port. For decades people have been replacing the original screens with aftermarket screens usually meant for car backup cameras. These screens look significantly better than the original screens. These screens do pose a different problem though, they do not fit inside the system very well. Most installs of these screens are done by hot gluing the LCD to the shell and some people have even gone as far as to install them with epoxy. While hot glue is completely reversible it doesn’t seem like the best option in 2019, as 3D printers are becoming more common and can provide solutions to these problems that make the mods look and feel more professional.

I started this mod a while back with the intention of using it for a LCDDRV install. The idea I had was to use the original metal cover for the stock LCD to make the new LCD into a completely stock looking module. I finally revived this project when I received my LCDDRV board. I wanted to also make sure that it could be used for more than just LCDDRV so the back side is completely open so any LCD driver board can be installed beyond the two I had on hand to mess with. I did add support for the small composite board based LCD that is available on Console 5 and the LCDDRV with clips. The module screws into the same spot the original LCD would be attached to.

This print is really fast and easy to print. It only takes about an hour and a half for most modern printers and requires no support materials at all. There are two clips, one for the LCDDVR, which needs to be printed twice if that is the board you plan on installing, and the mini composite board clip which only needs to be printed once. I did 0.2mm layer with 2 perimeters and 15% infill and got a part that is more than strong enough to support the new LCD and driver board.

You can download the files from here:

Or I have them available to purchase through Laser Bear Industries