Sega Ages – Sonic 2 coming to Switch

The classic Sega Genesis game Sonic 2 will be released on February 20th on the Nintendo Switch as a “Sega Ages” release:

A recent interview with M2, the team who ported the game, reveals that there’s a lot more to this version than just a basic port.  Some features added:

  • The ability to play as Knuckles, as would happen if you connected Sonic 2 to the Sonic and Knuckles cart.
  • Implemented Drop Dash from Sonic Mania
  • ‘HD vibration’ rumble support
  • Challenge mode; Compete for fastest time to beat a level with 100 rings
  • Online ranking
  • CRT “Vintage” Filter;  More elaborate than Genesis Mini or 3DS filters

It looks like M2 is also working on a Sega Ages port of Puyo Puyo 2, based on the arcade version.  I believe this marks the first time that game will get an “official” release outside of Japan.  Check out the full interview here and if you’d like more info on M2, see the MLiG video below:

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