Sega 32x Genesis 3 Riser

Sega never officially supported the mating of the 32x to the final installment of the Genesis. If you were to install the 32x on the Gen 3 you would run into the issue of the system toppling over anytime that you touched it. I set out on a quest to rectify the injustice to the Gen 3, as well as the CDX and give both consoles the love of the tender embrace of a proper 32x riser.

The first to be released is the Gen 3 riser:

This comes in two pieces, the top interfaces with the 32x giving a nice flat surface for other systems to be supported (Mega SG). The bottom section is much larger as it extends to the surface that the Gen 3 is sitting on to provide more support to keep the system stable. Overall its an easy print, splitting it in 2 pieces means that it can be printed without any supports. There are screw holes provided to mate the two pieces together making it a solid part.

This design files for this project are released for free under Creative Commons Licence you may redistribute this design with the only requirement that credit is provided to me and you provide a link back to this page.



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