Save-Game-Copier project by slinga-homebrew

A developer going by the name “sling-homebrew” has created a save game manager for the Sega Saturn and provided it as open source on Github (

It’s still considered “Alpha” but already seems to be fully functional.  The developer used the Satiator fork of the Yabuse emulator to integrate Satiator support – giving owners of the Satiator a very simple way to not only back up game saves to an SD card for safekeeping, but to easily share them on the Internet either to contribute to a save game database (such as this one), or to assist with other developers working on things like translation projects (such as this one).

For translation projects bug reports are much easier to investigate if you can provide a save file that gets the dev right to the problem spot.  Up until this point the most practical way to do this was to play the beta build of the game in emulation where the save files are placed directly on your PC by the emulator, but the Save-Game-Copier makes it much simpler for both the dev and the tester to do this kind of collaboration using real hardware.  While it was already possible to export Saturn game saves through the use of the PsuedoSaturn Kai, the process was comparably complicated vs. just taking the SD card out of your Satiator and copying the files to a PC.

If you have a Satiator, this is a simple but essential piece of companion software.

Check out the beta review below, as well as an updated production version review here:

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