Saturn King of Fighters ’95 4MB RAM Cart Hack

YZB first brought us a 4MB optimized Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and now they have patched Saturn’s King of Fighters ’95 to bypass its proprietary ROM cart, utilizing common aftermarket 4MB RAM carts instead, just as they did for Ultraman recently. Like Ultraman, KOF95’s custom ROM cart worked flawlessly as a physical copy protection barrier through the years, but that is now a thing of the past.

KOF95 and Ultraman were the only Saturn games locked to proprietary ROM carts, which means that the entire Saturn library is now playable from ODEs or simple burned discs.

The Ultraman, Castlevania SOTN, and KOF95 hacks use aftermarket 4MB RAM carts (Action Replay, All-in-One/PseudoSaturn carts, red carts, etc), not the official 4MB Sega RAM cart.

An alpha version has been released for testing at ChinaEmu, translated to English below:

## Sega Saturn KOF95 RAM accelerator card Hack version by yzb

– This version is modified on the basis of the Japanese version, if you want to run on a non-Japanese version of the host, please make up π to patch the mirror area code

– This version requires a 32Mbit (4MByte) expansion accelerator card to run (simulator please put ππ into the settings to select the expansion cassette, the host please insert the expansion accelerator card), if not set or not inserted, the Sega authorization logo after startup Afterwards, there will be an error prompt interface

*Note that this version currently does not support the original 32Mbit (4MByte) expansion accelerator card. Do not use the original 32Mbit (4MByte) expansion accelerator card when playing with the host machine

– The source image before modification is consistent with the following data Verification:  ## King of Fighters ’95, The (Japan) (3M)

– The distribution image uses Clone CD format. If you need to use software other than Clone CD, please write Select the file with the suffix CUE directly in the burning software. If you need to use virtual hardware for optical drives like Rhea/Phoebe, you don’t need to convert the format.

### Modification instructions: * No need to use official ROM cassette, use 4MB RAM card
– The first NOW LOADING screen will be filled with 2MB RAM card content, so the waiting time is longer, about 7 seconds with SD card optical drive board
– The boss can be used directly


* Thanks to the following people for their help (in no particular order) Ken, megavolt85, SONIC3D
* Thanks to the following people for their hard work on the actual machine (in no particular order) chie, dtxyy, SONIC3D, TZM, WALL-E 52Hz, Drift, Dragon, Saturn, happy
* If you find a black screen of death during the game, please go to the following website to leave a message


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