RGB Blaster v2 Tested & Works Great!

I just received version 2 of Krikzz’ ZERO lag RGB Blaster and it works great!  Sync is properly output to both the csync and *cvbs pins, plus the addition of a THS7374 allowed for proper video output to both RGB SCART and HD Retrovision cables.  Basically, Revision 2 corrects all of the issues found with the original, and it’s now something I can recommend to everyone with a Famicom or top-loading NES. The price came to about $160 including shipping to the NYC area – More info in the short overview above, with some notes below:

Purchase Here:
Genesis 2 RGB Cables:

The only issue I ran into with (both versions) of the RGB Blaster, was RAD2x compatibility, but I’m not sure why.  The signal coming from the RGB Blaster is exactly what you’d expect from a Genesis 2 MiniDIN.  There’s a good chance the problem is simply my RAD2x, as it was a pre-production sample I used for creating the launch video;  LOTS could have gone wrong with that over the years.  If you already own a RAD2x, just give it a try – I’ll update this post as more people are able to test.

Also, I performed all these tests live on stream.  If you’d like to see it all in (boring) real-time, check out the two videos below.  LOL, there’s two, because my PC crashed halfway trough the stream :p

*To be clear:  The RGB Blaster only outputs RGBs and audio.  This new revision outputs sync over both the csync and cvbs pins, making it compatible with all cables that sync on composite, like the HD Retrovision’s.


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