RetroUSB AVS Firmware Update

Brian from RetroUSB has just posted his plans for a new AVS firmware.  This is (as far as I can remember) the first firmware update in years for the AVS and is bringing some new features:

  • PAL Compatibility fixes
  • Palette update capability through the scoreboard app

I reviewed the AVS when it was released and always loved it.  At around $200, I think it’s an excellent 720p HDMI NES/Famicom solution and even though it’s a few years old, it’s still the least expensive way to play NES via HDMI.  It’s FPGA implementation is extremely accurate and ads no lag to the experience (other than what your TV ads of course).  In fact, my only criticisms were the lack of palette choices and video output options.  I’ve begged Brian to consider adding:

  • 480p Output
    This is for people who want to use a cheap CRT monitor and an HDMI to VGA converter.
  • 240p 1:1 Output
    Preserving the exact original output signal of the console is extremely important for long-term use.  In the future, scaling technology will be able to manipulate the original NES’ signal better than the built-in scaler and being able to access the original 1:1 output in digital form well make it easier to let those scalers do their job.  Also, this will allow people to use the AVS with RGB monitors, by simply using an HDMI to VGA converter and sync combiner, such as the cheap Extron RGB interfaces.

Let’s hope that Brian will get the new firmware with color palette support out soon and would re-consider the video resolution options…provided the FPGA is even able to be configured that way.  More info can be found on a Nintendoage thread and you can purchase the AVS here:

RetroUSB AVS Console
AVS Wireless NES Gamepad

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