RetroTINK 4K – Footage & Testing

While the upcoming RetroTINK 4K has been privately beta tested since 2022, public beta units have been sent to some of the best testers/reviewers in both retro and modern gaming!  Between the My Life In Gaming livestream last night featuring Mike Chi himself, as well as many still comparisons being posted on social media, you’ll have a very clear idea of what to expect when it’s released.  Check out the stream above, as well as the following awesome people on social media (and I’ll update this post as more reviewers start posting):

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John Linneman:
Wobbling Pixels:
Pro Pixels:

The fact that these specific people are testing the RT4K should mean a lot to everyone who’s already familiar with the retro scene!  Imagine a product launch with FBX profiles, detailed video analysis from the best in the business…and detailed audio analysis from Joe, who been a massive help both behind the scenes, as well as his main and secondary audio-focused YouTube channel!?!?  While Mike always follows up his product launches with free firmware updates filled with new features and bugfixes….having such a long beta period with the right people involved will basically ensure the launch day firmware will feel like a “mature product”.

What a friggin time to be a retro fan!

…oh and here’s a “secret”:  Mike said “budget $1000 and be happy when it isn’t”.  That means the price is not $1000.  Not sure how so many people missed that one…

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