RetroTINK 2x SCART and TINK2x Pro Released!

Mike Chi has just released two new products in his ever-growing line of RetroTINK gaming accessories:

RetroTINK 2x Pro – An updated version of the original 2x with more features.
RetroTINK 2x SCART – A simple RGB SCART linedoubler that outputs 480p HDMI.
Original RetroTINK2x – The price has been discounted on the original design!!!
…and don’t forget to check out Mike’s awesome transcoders as well!:
Comp2RGB – Convert component video to RGB SCART across all analog resolutions!
RGB2Comp – Convert RGB to Component; Perfect for people with RGB setups connecting to a CRT with YPbPr inputs!

I’ve worked with Ray Commend to create product launch videos showcasing exactly what they can do!  Please check out both videos below for all the information you’ll need:


…and here’s the original TINK2x Review and an in-person interview with the creator Mike Chi:


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