Rany Battikh

Retro Game Restore clear shells available for pre-order at Castlemania Games

Castlemania Games has recently opened pre-orders for Retro Game Restore‘s entire line of translucent replacement shells for classic consoles and peripherals.

RGR‘s 90s-looking shells have been slowly but surely gaining popularity among retro gaming enthusiasts for the past year and a half. With what started as a single run of PC Engine clear shells back in early 2020 has since evolved into a growing catalogue of beautifully made, high quality translucent replacement cases for a bunch of consoles including SNES, Super Famicom and Genesis/Mega Drive.

Here is a list of the RGR products that can now be pre-ordered at Castlemania Games, with their prices (without shipping) estimated shipping dates and color availability entered respectively:

*Note that the shipping dates are just estimates as there might be some delay caused by varying manufacturing times.

Retro Game Restore‘s products are now accessible to a whole new audience since Castlemania Games ships worldwide; that will also give Chris (the main person behind RGR) more time to create excellent new replacement shells for our favourite gaming systems.


  • Retro Game Restore‘s catalogue at Castlemania Games can be found above.
  • Retro Game Restore official website: https://retrogamerestore.com

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