Retro Fighters Brawler64 NSO Gold Limited Edition

Retro Fighters have just opened pre-orders on a one-time run of gold bluetooth Brawler64 controllers.  These will be compatible with Nintendo Switch Online, as well as PC, MiSTer and any other bluetooth-compatible device.  The previous grey NSO controller is still in stock as well if you’d prefer that.  Price is $45 and it’s due to ship in about two months:

SaG Pre-Order:
Rondo Pre-Order:
SaG Gray Brawler64 Bluetooth:
Rondo Gray Brawler64 Bluetooth:

This controller release comes at a great time, as Robert’s N64 core is coming along really nicely and it won’t be too long until a public release.  If you were looking for a wireless bluetooth controller that was N64-themed, but a little more modern-feeling, this one might be it!

Sadly, no lag test results were posted, but I just purchased a grey edition to test;  I assume the gold contains the same circuit board and just uses a different color shell.  I’ll update this post as soon as I get results, but I’d curb your expectations:  The best Bluetooth controller’s we’ve seen come in at under half a frame of lag, however most averaged about a full frame.  While this is 100% a guess, I’d expect about a frame and be happy if it’s lower.

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