PVM’s & TVL Explained

Roger aka 8-Bit Esquire recently released a video talking about the differences between consumer-grade CRT’s and BVM’s.  While the video was pretty long, it’s a really great overview as to why some people hunt down PVM…or even BVM monitors.

On a personal note, I’d like to politely remind everyone reading this (as did Roger in the video), that when used with classic game console, ANY CRT is a great choice.  Playing an NES via RF on an old consumer CRT is how we all did it back in the day and is still an amazing, accurate, lag free way to experience those games.  I’d say that’s true up to and including PlayStation 2, but not once 480p started to be the norm:  Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox and Wii all are good on basic CRT’s, however those consoles really benefit from their 480p modes on CRT VGA monitors.  Or flat panels too, but once you play a Dreamcast on a nice VGA CRT, you may never want to play it any other way.  Except maybe a multiformat BVM…

…and speaking of which, if you’d like a rare look at one of the best (probably the best) CRT ever made, Shank and I showed some cool macro shots of my BVM D32 starting at about one hour, forty three minutes into this livestream:

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