PS2 MemCard Pro Pre-Orders

8BitMods have just opened pre-orders on a new version of the MemCard Pro that’s compatible with both the PlayStation 2 and PS1.  This has all the same features and performance as the original MemCard Pro for the PS1, but with some upgrades and full PS2 support!  The price is about $44 and they’re due to ship by the end of this year.  More info and thoughts below the links…

Smoke Black:
Charcoal Black:

First, I was a huge fan of the original PS1 MemCard Pro.  When I was first sent one to test, I thought “oh cool, I’ll do a post on it”…but after using it and realizing its potential, I felt compelled to make a video about it!  And while that video’s a bit out of date, you can still get a sense of what to expect on the PS2 version, so I’ll link it below.

Next, we have to talk about price – Around $44 for one memory card that works on all PS1 & PS2 consoles, that uses one small MicroSD card for basically infinite memory card storage.  That alone should be enough of a selling point for most people, as it’s about the same price as a few cheap original or knockoff cards…but then think about all the extra features?  It’s already set up for a single memory card per game if you’re using optical drive emulation on the PS1 and I’m sure they’re working on similar features for the PS2.

Also, think about FreeMcBoot and other softmod homebrew options?  Having a memory card with direct MicroSD access will make all that much simpler.  There’s also WiFi access, wireless cloud backup, a larger screen and a lot more!  I think this is a must-have for most people with PS1 & 2’s and I’m happy to see it come to market!

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