Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Pinball Dreams Available Now! For Amstrad CPC

The amazing Pinball game, “Pinball Dreams” is now available to play on the Amstrad CPC line of computers.  First reported exclusively on Indie Retro News with extensive coverage from Novabug and his YouTube channel.  This Amiga classic pinball game from Digital Illusions (the gaming studio that is now known as DICE of Battlefield fame) is now yours to try on an Amstrad CPC or CPC Emulator.  In his article and YouTube you can see Novabug showing off test footage of the prototype builds from earlier this year.  Development was done by the “Batman Group” who has spearheaded this project and was done to honor the original game and its authors.  Due to licensing, this game is not being sold for commercial use.  Links for download can be found on Indie Retro News’ site.

*Author Side Note* Pinball Dreams is one of my favorite computer based pinball games of all time.  Countless hours have been spent playing it and the music is near and dear to me.  This game is the standard in which I measure all other pinball video games.


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Images and Video used are from Indie Retro News & Novabug