Rany Battikh

Krikzz Sega-Cd implementation into Mega Everdrive Pro

Krikzz just showed, through a tweet, his progress on implementing Sega-CD support into the upcoming Mega Everdrive Pro

Development for the next-in-line Mega Everdrive cart seems to be in its very early phase(s) as Igor (aka Krikzz) admitted that, after some testing, he just figured out what parts/components are needed to accomplish full Sega-CD support.

Krikzz also hinted that the final price point should be similar to the SD2SNES PRO‘s current rate, which is around 200$ (~55$ less than the Mega-SD).

Considering Krikzz‘s extremely impressive résumé, the Mega Everdrive Pro should be a solid and quasi-affordable product. But will it bring any new asset(s) (e.g. no need to unplug the actual Sega-CD attachement, whenever you’re loading a CD image file) that the Mega-SD is currently missing?

Krikzz‘s official website: https://krikzz.com/