OSSC Firmware v0.82 Released


Markus has just released official firmware version 0.82 for the Open Source Scan Converter.  The new features are absolutely incredible and one in particular – the profile import feature – will be an absolute game-changer!  This will potentially allow for FirebrandX to create importable patches from his OSSC timings page.  This means near perfect console-specific profiles at the push of a button!  Here’s the full list of features:

  • automatic input detection feature added
  • profile import feature with naming support added
  • number of profile slots increased to 15
  • GBI 360p presets added
  • 512×240 optimized mode added
  • some adv. timing parameter limits increased

OSSC’s can be purchased here:
The new firmware can be downloaded here:
Remember to download the one specific to your device:

  • OSSC’s with audio built in = ossc_0.82-aud.bin
  • Original OSSC’s without audio = ossc_0.82.bin
  • Japanese Menu Translation (no audio) = ossc_0.82-jp.bin
  • Japanese Menu Translation (with audio) = ossc_0.82-aud_jp.bin

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