OSSC 5x Mode Capture Card Shootout

The OSSC is just about the best retro gaming scaler on the market, with only one major shortcoming:  It’s not compatible with all TV’s and scalers.  This video tests a few common capture cards across both Windows and Mac.  While there isn’t a clear winner, this will hopefully point you in the right direction and show some great options.

Here’s links to everything tested in the video.  I include links to used items for the more expensive options:

Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0Used New
Datapath Vision E1SUsed  /  New
Elgato HD60 SUsed  /  New
Avermedia GL310Used  /  New
Newer Avermedia Card (no driver required):
Generic Brand:
A note on affiliate links:

Special thanks to DestinyFOMO for once AGAIN letting me tear apart her office to test equipment 🙂

The soundtrack for this video (other than the usual RetroRGB intro/outro) was provided by Mute Mutant.  Please check out their awesome work here:
New Album releasing soon on Vinyl:

Check out the video on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute (below):

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