Original Xbox Vertical Stand

Stone Age Gamer is now selling a vertical stand for the original Xbox.  This was designed by Todd from RetroFrog, who’s previously made vertical stands for the Dreamcast, PlayStation1, PlayStation2 and RetroTINK 5x.  The price is $20 plus shipping and you have a choice of green or black, which are modeled to match the original Xbox’s colors.

Purchase Here:

Depending on your setup, these stands can be so helpful.  And while they’d probably work with discs, they’re really designed for people who’ve upgraded to optical drive emulators, or softmods that allow loading from a hard drive (or flash media).

Todd’s also thermal tested these, to make sure using them in this orientation won’t cause excessive heat buildup or significantly change the internal temperature.  So if you think you’re setup would be better with your console TATE’d, give these a try!

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