Open-World NES Game “Full Quiet”

Retrotainment Games has just released a new, open world adventure game called Full Quiet.  This is available to purchase as an NES cartridge (see below for cart info) in three versions, starting at $50:  Cartridge only, complete in box and a limited edition.  Digital editions are available for $10 on Steam, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One & Series consoles.  John Riggs did a 20-min playthrough (above) if you’re interested in getting a sense of what the game is like, with some more thoughts after the links:

NES Carts:
Switch Version:
Switch Online Controller:

This game looks really awesome!  I’ve heard it described as “open world”, as well as a “metroidvania”.  Whatever you want to call it, it looks very ambitious for an NES game and I’m looking forward to trying it.  It’s also compatible with Switch Online NES controllers, so people who don’t own an original NES, but want a more “authentic” NES feel can use those.

UPDATE 07/10:  A friend had theirs drop-shipped to my house so I can check it out and it appears the PCB is only half-beveled.  While this isn’t as bad as no bevel at all, I still wouldn’t put this in any NES that’s special to you.  Luckily, the NES 72-pin connector is a lot easier to replace than ones that are soldered into the motherboard…but would you still want to risk damaging your NES’ connector to play this?  Hopefully the company who made these will at least mail a free ROM to the people who bought a cart 🙁

UPDATE 07/11:  The company who made the PCB’s – Infinite NES Lives, a company with a great reputation – has offered to replace the PCB’s at no charge, for anyone with an affected cartridge (not all have the mistake).  This is a costly, but fair way to handle the situation and it’s my opinion INL should be praised for their customer service;  Mistakes happen, but how you handle them is what defines people.  And as you can see from the video below, the rest of the package is absolutely beautiful.  So I’d feel comfortable buying this NES game…just double check the bevel when it arrives and email if it’s not correct.

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