Official Super Mario Encyclopedia Plagiarized?


The creators of the Super Mario Encyclopedia that was just released are being accused of plagiarizing a fan-made Wiki:

I take plagiarism very seriously, but have mixed feelings about this.  I very often site wiki’s on my pages and use all of Evan Amos’ pictures where relevant.  On the other hand, I regularly have entire pages of my site copied or used in people’s YouTube videos with no recognition at all.  For me personally, it comes down to the intention of the creator:  Was the encyclopedia made by the creators and the wiki was only referenced…or did they just take the unofficial wiki and turn that into a book? 

I like to think people have good intentions and maybe I’m not reading this right…but it seems like the encyclopedia only “stole” a few names that the creators of the wiki made up, when they couldn’t find any other source?

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