Nintendo Labo VR Headstrap

The company Sweatproof Gaming is now selling a $14 headstrap that lets you wear the Labo VR kit:

With Breath Of The Wild getting a VR patch soon, this seems like a worthy upgrade.  It’s a bit disappointing that you first have to buy a $40 piece of cardboard, then a $14 strap to make this happen when you can get light, comfortable “Cellphone VR headsets” on Amazon for $30.  Who knows, maybe this is an enterprising opportunity for a VR headset company?

Regardless of how you use it, I really hope VR on the Switch catches on.  The low-resolution screen would be a perfect way to play a 3D port of a 3DS game in VR!  It would probably require a full port of the game (as opposed to just using emulation), however I imagine the Mario’s and Zelda’s could generate the sales to justify it.  Also…how cool would it be to see Warioland on the Virtual Boy be remade as a Labo VR game…with a “retro mode” that lets you switch between old and new graphics!?!?  Wishful thinking, I know…

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