EverDrive GBA Firmware v1.16

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the EverDrive GBA ROM cart that fixes games that use eeprom saves, when using it with the Analogue Pocket.  This shouldn’t affect real hardware and nothing has been lost, only gained.  If you’re using a Pocket, this is a must-have, but other users can probably just wait […]


Hyperkin Violates Open Source GCVideo Terms (Update: Product Removed)

UPDATE:  Hyperkin has announced they will stop selling the product in question and Limited Run Games has removed the listing from their website.  This shows without question both companies are making an effort to support the community and listening to our feedback.  We should all respectfully take note of this – Everyone makes mistakes, but […]

Alex Mitchell

PixelFX Announces Infinity Switch & Morph Specs

PixelFX—a trio of hardware developers responsible for some of the most polished console HDMI mods available—wrote up a recap post this weekend that not only chronicled their first year in business, but also outlined their vision for an ambitious pair of products that the plan to release over the next year: First up: The Morph Scaler […]

TraynoCo (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

Radirgy and Chaos Field Get Dreamcast Fan Translations!

A double whammy two days apart, both the famous Radirgy and Chaos Fields for the Dreamcast get fan translations thanks to wiredcrackpot and Derek Pascarella (Ateam) respectively! I guess you could call these, a massive MileStone in fan translations… Radirgy Fan Translation   Back on January 1st, 2021, a patch was dropped by wiredcrackpot for the Dreamcast game Radirgy. While this […]


OSSC Firmware Update v0.89

Markus has just released a new firmware for the OSSC that allows you to export any profiles created on the OSSC.  This is extremely helpful for people who customize settings;  Even people who use the web tool to create the base profile will still need to manually set phase and have other tweaks they prefer.  […]