New Super Nt Jailbreak brings Special Chip Support

The Analogue Mega Sg and Super Nt received official firmware updates this week, and two days later the unofficial custom “jailbreak” firmwares were updated. Both received a host of fixes and new features, perhaps the most exciting being the addition of special chips (DSP-1, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4, CX4, ST010, ST011) to the Super Nt.

Super Nt Custom Firmware v6.9
– Everything from OFW v4.9, plus:
– DSP-1, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4 support
– OBC1 support
– ST010, ST011 support
– CX4 support
– Sped up file loading

Mega Sg Custom Firware v7.6
– All fixes from OFW v4.6, plus:
– Added DAC
– Genesis & SMS Light guns with DAC
– Fixed boot audio level
– Fixed left side green line when HQX scalers active
– Bubble Bobble SMS fixed
– Fixed CD BIOS replacement
– Sped up file loading

I posted a short video showing off Super Mario Kart and Mega Man X3. A few users have reported glitches with the latest Mega Sg OFW/CFW that can be fixed by downgrading to 4.5/7.5 until a fix is issued.