Vanessa (Vanessaira)

New Production Batch of OSSCs Available & In Stock

Webstore has received its next round of OSSCs (Open Source Scan Converters) and has restocked them for purchase online.  There are two prices to be aware of, one with and without “VAT” taxes.  166 EUR with VAT and 135 EUR without VAT as well as 3 optional extras.  Which are a multi region PSU (Power Supply Unit) for 6.25 EUR, a remote controller for 7.50 EUR, and a remote overlay for the controller or use for a controller you already have for 4.65 EUR.  This is an incredibly powerful tool to have in a retro video gaming setup, and it is a device that is continues to get better over time.  As purchasing the OSSC via official vendors like, goes to help the creator of the OSSC (Marqs) further fund and support the project development.

Links: Video Game Perfection

OSSC Order Page