New McDonald Game Boy Color Game

McDonalds is celebrating the 52nd birthday of Zol Grimmace, by releasing a 1500 calorie Big Mac meal, as well as a brand new Game Boy Color game and a “retro” website.  The game was made by Krool Toys using GB Studio and is available to play either in your browser, or on any device that can play a GBC rom:

Play the game online:
Download the ROM:

I think this is pretty cool.  While yes, they’re using nostalgia as a marketing tool, the game is free – No artery-hardening purchase necessary.  Also, since the game was made in GB Studio, by a team with previous Game Boy experience it came out pretty good!  This would technically be the fourth officially commissioned game from McDonalds, after McDonaldland, M.C. Kids, and McDonalds Monogatari.  Anyone ever play those?  They any good?

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