Neo Geo ROM Cart Comparison

After years of only having terrible solutions for Neo Geo, we now have THREE excellent ROM cart choices for AES and MVS consoles!  The video at the bottom of this post provides a detailed overview of each, as well as highlights how each of them might be better for you situation.  Here’s a quick rundown, as well as links on where to purchase:

Purchase Links:

Stock with these carts are spotty; Bookmark the links and check back often:
Neo SD AES  /  Neo SD MVS
Darksoft’s Multi MVS  /  Darksoft’s Multi MVS – US Seller
Darksoft’s Multi AES  /  Darksoft’s Multi AES – US Seller
Neo SD Pro – Currently Out Of Stock, Coming Back Soon!

ROM Carts for other consoles:


All three carts are great choices, but these are the basics that stand out to me:

  • The original Neo SD products are the cheapest; $440 is far from “cheap”, but it’s still cheaper than what some scalpers collectors are charging for original games.  It’s flash times vary, but once a game is flashed, it launches instantly.
  • In my opinion, the Darksoft carts provide a feel that’s the most similar to a multi-slot stand-up MVS cabinet.  That may or may not be what you’re looking for.  Also, when used in single cart mode the Darksoft carts are the quickest for people who often load large games.
  • The Neo SD Pro attempts to be the best of both worlds, providing the ability to load for games in flash, plus have a “RAM” slot for people looking to quickly access a game.
    The RAM loading on the Neo SD Pro isn’t as fast as the Darksoft’s single-game loading for large games, but it’s much quicker than the original.

Please note that on ALL THREE CARTS, game loading is instant once flashed.  That includes switching between ‘slots’ on the Darksoft and Neo SD Pro carts.

Future Updates / Product Changes

Both Terraonion and Darksoft have a history of consistent updates for their Neo Geo products.  I didn’t include any “bug reports” in this video, both because I only ran into a few tiny issues and because their history has shown that these bugs will probably be worked out during future updates.

Darksoft firmware updates are easy and the firmware can be shared anywhere.  Unfortunately, due to the way Terraonion implements their security, the NeoSD’s require serial number specific firmware, which means you’ll need to register an account for updates.

Both companies have new firmwares on the way which add features and tweaks.  Darksoft has specifically mentioned the next update will attempt to speed up boot & load times even more!  I’ll update this page if there’s any major changes.

In my opinion, all of these carts are great solutions.  Choose whichever fits your needs best…and be thankful that we finally have solutions that are both expandable and safe to use!

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