Neo Geo MVSx Pre-Orders Open

The previously reported Neo Geo MVSx is now available for pre-order for the previously reported prices of $500 for the full kit, or $450 for the tabletop-only version:

Direct from their shop:

Retro Ralph and Justin from Console Kits just posted an exclusive reveal livestream video that went over all the details of the unit, as well as a more formal follow-up review (below).  I highly recommend watching both if you’re interested in buying one, but here’s the highlights:

  • Nice aesthetics on the cab itself.
  • Buttons are okay, but pro gamers might want to upgrade them.
  • Good looking UI.
  • Remappable buttons.
  • NO video output at all.
  • UI available in 10 different languages.
  • Both AES and MVS game modes available.
  • Save states
  • Video options available both globally and per-game:
    • Pixel perfect mode
    • Pixel perfect with scanlines
    • “Smooth” scaling
    • “Smooth” scaling with horizontal scanlines
    • “Smooth” scaling with vertical scanlines
    • “Smooth” scaling with scanlines at a 40 degree angle
  • System update via USB port.

The default setting of “pixel-perfect” mode (called pixel scaling in the menu) seems to be the best way to play the games, as the original resolution of Neo Geo games happens to be close to the perfect 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing for an accurate reproduction of the look.  Scanline options are also cool, but some of the other video modes are just…weird.  I’m not sure why anyone would want any “smooth” scaling on Neo Geo games and vertical scanlines would only make sense for vertically-oriented (TATE) games, which aren’t included.  And the screen doesn’t rotate.  And I haven’t the slightest clue what you’d do with scanlines at a 40-degree angle.

As of now, it seems to be about the quality of the nicer Arcade1Up units…just much more expensive.  Unfortunately, no lag tests were performed and there’s still no word as to the actual emulation platform used.  I’ve reached out to the company making these and requested an interview with the developers;  While they responded at first, they’ve gone completely dark.  We might have to wait for them to be released publicly and the community tear them apart before we find out solid info.  As of now, I’m still curbing my expectations.

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