Vanessa (Vanessaira)

N64 Controller Project for MSX

Over on the news site Hackaday.  Danjovic is heading a project called the NSX 64.  This project will allow support for using an N64 controller on MSX computers.  The overall setup is not complicated with an Arduino Nano, 560 ohms resister, and some controller extension cables.  However the issues lye with the signal timing on reading the analog sticks position on the 64 controller.  To work around this Danjovic has been working with the vertical sync frequency.  So depending on whether its 50hz for PAL or 60hz NTSC, your controller will match that rate and poll the analog sticks position to be mapped and executed.   A good article was written by Jenny List of Hackaday covering this, with all the links below.

Links: Project Page –

Jenny List’s Article –