My Life in Gaming New Video: “Gaming on Projectors”

My Life in Gaming has just posted a new video to their channel, this time covering projectors with a special eye towards how various projection technologies handle both retro and modern gaming, as well as exploring a key question: can one get into projection on a very small budget? As is always the case with My Life in Gaming, the video is thoughtful and complex, while remaining very clear and accessible to all audiences.

It may disappoint some that CRT projection is not covered in depth in this video—it is covered mind you, and some choice shots from my personal Runco DTV-943 even make a cameo—however, as CRT projection is a very small niche in the projection world, and an even smaller niche in the gaming world (not to mention the difficulty in most areas to even have access to one to film, let alone explore and learn about them), a deep dive here just wouldn’t have made sense.

If you have ever wondered about getting into projectors, or even if you’ve been using projection in your home for many years, the video is a great watch, and we highly recommend checking it out, as well as supporting their channel in any way you are able (financially via platforms like Patreon, or even spreading the word by sharing it on social media). As I’m sure is quite clear, we are all big fans of the channel here, and wonderful videos like this are exactly why.