Alex Mitchell

MODE: v1.03R02 Firmware and Saturn/DC Database Update

Retro hardware developer Terraonion has released two updates over as many weeks to refine the experience of using their Sega Saturn and Dreamcast Optical Drive Emulator—M.O.D.E.

Firmware v1.03R02 landed about two weeks ago and adjusts a few things for Saturn and Dreamcast users. Terraonion has provided this changelog:

  • [SAT] Fix CDDA noise added by previous version in a few saturn models.
  • [SAT] Fix Virtua Photo Studio and Ninja Hayate hanging or returning to cd player.
  • [SAT] Fix loading an audio CD getting stuck in MODE menu for around 30 seconds when launching
  • [SAT] Add more games incompatible with fastboot to the internal game list
  • [ALL] Disable disk cache flush command that seem to cause issues in certain HDD models
  • [ALL] Fix logo screen version display showing R number in hexadecimal
  • [DC] Fix some games stuck in “cover loading” in cover view

Additionally, Terraonion also recently updated the MODE database, adding more accurate title information, better screenshots, and more game covers. Downloading this database and adding it to your game library allows the MODE to provide extra information while you’re browsing through the UI, and is an entertaining but optional enhancement.