My Life In Gaming: Sharpscale on PSTV

My Life In Gaming has just released a video demoing “sharpscale”;  Custom software for the PSTV that allows for integer-scaling of PSP. Vita and PS1 games.  We previously posted about sharpscale a few months ago and it was great to see MLiG dig in and show us exactly what it’s capable of.

The video goes into detail about each of it’s video output modes and how they’re best applied.  I think in many cases, this is a pretty big upgrade to the look of the games, however I’m really interested to see what devices like the OSSC Pro can do with this HDMI signal.  It’s my (Bob’s) opinion that many of games of this era with 3D graphics look best when integer scaled first, then “soft” scaled the rest of the way to the panel’s native resolution.

Whatever your preference, sharpscale seems to provide all the options both streamers and PSTV enthusiasts would need!  Check out the video for more information.

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