MiSTercade Admin Button Breakout

Pork has just released another MiSTerCade accessory, that breaks out “admin” buttons to allow you to wire your own.  This can work by itself, or in-line with the main MiSTerCade Remote unit, which can be mounted anywhere and also controls volume!  That’s probably the best choice for people who want to tuck away the remote (or mount it in a custom control panel), however if you’ve already mounted custom Coin and Menu buttons and don’t plan on using original arcade boards, this might be the perfect solution:

Purchase here for $25:

Stuff like this is both amazing for experts and confusing for beginners.  I completely understand someone building their first arcade machine or MiSTerCade wondering why there’s so many options and which to use.  The answer is honestly “whichever fits your setup best” and there is no right answer.  I think if I were re-doing my MiniMiSTerCade project, I’d only need the main remote and mount it right under the control panel:  Since I had a new one custom made for me, I could have just specified dimensions and make it look like a factory-install.

On the flip side, I want my Astro City cab looking as “stock” as possible, so I opted for the Coin Slot Button Replacement.  If I only planned on using MiSTer on that cab, this admin breakout would be the perfect solution, as I wouldn’t have to touch the JAMMA harness.  That said, since I plan on using that cab to also test original arcade boards, I just wired those buttons to the JAMMA harness for use with both original boards and MiSTer.

…but that’s the beauty of this stuff:  Pork has provided options for every use case and just choose what’s best for yours!

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