MiSTer FPGA News – N64 Improvements, CD Audio, TMNT & More

New Genesis/Mega Drive Core in Development

Sorg is porting the Nuked-MD Genesis FPGA core to MiSTer. Nuked-MD is a cycle accurate Mega Drive core with the goal of emulating the Sega Mega Drive chipset as accurately as possible using decapped chip photos.


Atrac17 posted that Pramod’s NARC core sill soon be released. This game also runs on the same hardware as Mortal Kombat.


CD Audio

CD Audio support was added to the AO486 and Amiga core. This is very important for games that make use of CD Audio for music.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With Furrteks permission, Jotego has released an alternate version of the teenage mutant Ninja turtles core. It’s in beta so only available for Patreon subscribers.


Neo Geo Pocket

After releasing a few cores Jotego is now getting back to the Neo Geo Pocket core and letting us know that a small bug in the CPU instruction was fixed.


Favorite’s Script

Wizzo has updated his Favorites scripts for MiSTer. The new systems that have been added are NeoGeo CD, Saturn, N64, Amiga, Gameboy Color, Game Gear, Pocket Challenge V2, SG-1000, WonderSwan Color.
You can download the script through update all by enabling Wizzo’s MiSTer Extensions.


MiSTer FPGA Discord Game Challenge

There is a current MiSTer Game high score challenge going on. The game being played is the arcade version of Capcom’s Magic Sword. It’s a single credit game challenge and goes until Aug 25th.


Nintendo 64

The N64 core has recieved a couple of updates. One fixed some issues with random pixel flickering. Another update talked about the core getting 32bit RGB texturing and perspective correction.



srg320 posted a Saturn progress update. The big feature added is save game support. The rest of the updates are listed below.

-fix register reading phase
-fix Sound Stack write
-add EGHOLD mode
-rework DSP inputs
-fix Loop processing end
-fix DMA length
-fix unaligned DMA write to BBUS
-fix DMA to/from unsupported area
Main: fix CD audio.



With the addition of CD Audio to the Amiga core. CD32 games should now work better.
Amigavision also posted a document that gives the status of CD32 games on MiSTer. The document lists if a game works, has gamepad controls, CD Audio status any other info you should know.