8Bitdo Neo Geo Wireless Controller Review

Scarlet Sprites recently posted a review of the new “Neo Geo CD-style” controller from 8Bitdo.  Joe covers all aspects of the controller, from aesthetics to the clicky d-pad (it’s good!) and compatibility.  Definitely give it a watch if interested and we’ll cover lag testing below.  Also, both the regular controller, as well as the special editions are in-stock and shipping right now if you’d like one:

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It looks like right after Joe’s video was posted, someone added lag test results to the MiSTerAddons latency database.  The results are really interesting – Using it’s 2.4GHz wireless mode, the controller has a really respectable average latency of 4.5ms.  That’s below even what pro gamers could normally detect…provided you’re in an environment without a lot of wireless interference where that can change.

Bluetooth latency is also some of the lowest you’ll see and at less than 10ms, that puts it in the top 20 fastest BT controllers tested (out of about 70 currently).  While I’ll always use the fastest solution out of principal, I’d feel comfortable using this in BT mode.

Wired mode oddly has more latency than 2.4GHz RF though!  It’s certainly not bad at about 6ms, but it feels like an error on 8Bitdo’s part?  I mean, there’s always the possibility the person running the tests made a mistake; No shade thrown – Anyone who watches my livestreams knows I make mistakes all the time.  Assuming it’s an accurate reading though, that means 8Bitdo has about TEN previous controllers that average 1ms or less…but they chose to not use the same technology in this one?

Or maybe it’s a tradeoff?  Maybe in order to get such low numbers on wireless, they were required to use different hardware for wired?  I think most people would be totally okay with that…but it’s my strong opinion that this is yet another reason controller companies need to be transparent with their latency test numbers.  Leaving us guessing will only result in speculation and 8Bitdo’s made some GREAT controllers.  Why not be open about lag testing and let us all celebrate the lower-latency controllers?

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