MemCard Pro2 Limited Edition Colors

The awesome MemCard Pro2 is back, with some limited edition colors!  The original Charcoal and Smoke Black versions are still available, however there’s also Aqua, Silver and Ceramic White.  All colors are still around $50 and if you’re someone who carries theirs around, you might want to consider a hardshell case for it as well.  More info after the links:

US Seller:
UK Seller:
Hard Shell Case:

First, as a note, 8BitMods in the UK currently has them in stock and the batch to Stone Age Gamer is already on it’s way to the US.  If you’re in North America, it’s technically a “pre-order”, but a really small one.

Next, if you’re unfamiliar with the MemCard Pro 2, I strongly recommend checking out Tito’s video on it below.  It just does SO MUCH and really is the best option for people playing PS1 and PS2 games:

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