MEGAGRRL Hardware Genesis Audio Player

MegaGRRL Desktop is a hardware device that plays Sega Genesis VGM files from an SD card, using the same SN76489 and either YM2612 (Genesis Model 1) or YM3438 (all other Genesis consoles) sound chips found in real Sega hardware.  This makes it a hardware-accurate Sega 8 & 16-bit music player.

This is a standalone unit with no PC required:  Simply place Genesis or SMS sound files on an SD card and use the built-in LCD panel and buttons to navigate the tracks.  There’s also LED lights that show the sound channels in use and a 3.5mm headphone / line-out jack.

Unfortunately, the YM2612 & YM3438 chips can’t be installed at the same time, meaning you need to physically swap them when changing sounds.  Maybe a future revision will allow both to be inserted, selectable by a dip switch?

More info can be found here:

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