LibreShark Pro N64 “GameShark”

Developer Richard Weick has just released an open source, homebrew version of the Nintendo 64 GameShark.  This implements the original LZ9FC17 GAL on an Altera EPM240, making it an “FPGA Clone” of the original GameShark.  There’s even a “Pro” version with full parallel port functionality built in.  If you’re an N64 developer, or just a curious nerd like me, you can check out all the info on the project over on Richard’s Github:

Main Project:
Pro Version:
Original N64 GameShark:

At the moment, original N64 GameSharks are still reasonably priced, but it’s still really cool to see this project released.  The preservation part is always appreciated and projects like this often lead to pretty interesting forks.  Either way, I wanted to share it here, as I think N64 dev’s will appreciate it!

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