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Last Crown Warriors on Kickstarter

Light Games put their latest title, Last Crown Warriors on Kickstarter on the 9th of December, and it has already hit its funding goal. Now trying for stretch goals for the remainder of the 30 days, you can still back it for a physical edition from First Press Games. A ROM version and a soundtrack plus ROM version is also available. According to Light Games, they plan to add more stock of the special editions in the coming days.

Last Crown Warriors was developed from scratch, written entirely in the Z80 assembly, and original hardware combability is a priority. I can attest that it runs very smoothly on original hardware and adjacent hardware. I captured my footage for the video using an Everdrive and the Gamecube Game Boy Player without any issues.

Now that the game has been funded, the intended release is Q1 2024. So, there is a long wait for this one but nothing surprising. Light Games currently plan to add a story mode with that initial funding, and the stretch goal for a protective case for physical editions has already been met.

You can download the demo rom and play a small loop of a single level and one boss with three different characters before deciding if you want to back the game. The backer tiers mention getting early access but no mention if that means progress builds or if there will be any other demos from now until release.

The game is a fascinating blend of Action-RPG combat, with Link’s Awakening obviously a big influence, with some tower defense/RTS gameplay blended in. It makes for highly addictive gameplay that will offer lots of replayability since you can strive to beat your own score and times for every level. Definitely check out the demo, and if you want a more in-depth look, watch the video above.

Check out their Kickstarter:

Download the Demo: