Krikzz Teases Smaller-Sized GBA Everdrive

Krikzz has just tweeted a picture of an upcoming version of the Everdrive GBA x5, that’s the same size as a standard Game Boy Advance cartridge!

This revision should be functionally the same, meaning this is just an aesthetic upgrade, however this might have been the single most requested  change to the design.  Krikzz also confirmed that the contacts will be hard gold, which will increase the longevity of the cart for users who are constantly swapping it across different handhelds (or between a handheld and the Game Boy Advance Consolizer!).

Overall, this revision will probably be referred to as the ‘Everdrive GBA x5 v2’ (or something like that) and there’s currently no plans for an x7 version.  That means overall, this version will be the Game Boy Advance ROM Cart to get for the forseeable future, with the previous (current) version of the x5 still being an excellent choice that can most likely be picked up at a discount (new or used) once this is released.  That means everyone has an excellent choice across all price points!

While there’s no official release date, Krikzz mentioned they are due to arrive at his lab in 2-3 weeks.  Assuming all goes well, we might be able to order within a month!

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