Alex Mitchell

Krikzz releases v1.05 update for GB Everdrive

Hardware developer Krikzz released an updated firmware for their series of Game Boy Everdrives today, although the changelog on this one is brief and cryptic:

GBC-OS-v1.05 29.12.2021
1)System changes required for carts with FPGA core v6 or later versions
2)Minor bugfix

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The timing of this update made me wonder if Krikzz was able to address the issues that some Analogue Pocket users are reporting with their Everdrives, but based on the response I’ve seen on social media it doesn’t look like that is the case. Krikzz does have a Pocket in hand and has been able to reproduce these errors, but it’s still not 100% clear if it’s an Analogue issue, an Everdrive issue, or a little of both. Regardless, a fix from Krikzz and/or Analogue will take more time and we’ll be sure to report on it as soon as there’s more information available.

A user sharing the diagnostic screen from their GB Everdrive. Image credit: Mapti89