Koryuu Transcoder Now For Sale

The Koryuu transcoder is for available for purchase at Video Game Perfection for around $95 (with PSU):

As previously reported, the Koryuu is a device that converts composite and S-Video signals to YPbPr Component video.  Of course, this won’t convert the quality of a composite video signal, however this will allow an increase in compatibility with existing equipment.

The most common scenarios I see the Koryuu being used for are:

  • Connecting composite and S-Video consoles to the Open Source Scan Converter
  • Using those signals on an RGB monitor that only has a RGB/YPbPr input (the Koryuu might be cheaper than the separate input card).
  • Integrating a fully automated setup:  cvbs & S-Video, into a gcompsw, into an OSSC or monitor

I’m curious to test one and see the advantages of the Koryuu over a RetroTINK2x with an HDMI-to-YPbPr (or RGB) converter.  The combination of the two are similarly priced, leaving features and performance to set them apart.  I’ll have one in soon to test and will post results!


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